With Nicolas Roland

With Nicolas Roland                  

                             Contemplate, adore :

Glory and praise to you, Oh Lord,
Father, Spirit and Incarnate Word.

Blessed be you, for your immense Love
You have enthused Blessed Roland by its power.
Dazzled from childhood  by that immense brightness,
His whole life was for ever transfigured by it.

Contemplating, adoring Jesus in his Infancy,
Humble before the Crib, the Cross and the Altar,
He accepted them, he walked in the Lord’s presence,
It was the road of Love to which he committed himself .

(Hymn composed for the beatification of Nicolas Roland in 1994)

Lord, help us to understand
in the contemplation of your Son
who became a little child among men,
the infinite love
with which you love each one
   and especially children.

Mgr Balland

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