Be our guide Blessed Nicolas Roland

Be our guide

O Blessed Nicolas

 *With the heart of a poor man, you gave up position and honour,
you gave away your wealth and your health,
to come to the help of poor and abandoned children.

*With a gentle and humble heart, you,
a young man with a vivacious character,
managed to unite strength and patience,
in order to take on the gentleness of the Child Jesus.

*Your heart was often sad to see God so little known,
so little loved, and to see mankind disfigured.
To repeat to everyone that God is love,
and  his greatness as a son of God,
you founded a religious family
completely devoted to Jesus in his Incarnation.

*Enamoured for justice, you worked endlessly
to that the child would be recognised in his dignity
To achieve that you have raised up loving and attentive educators.

*Priest moved by all human wretchedness,
enlightened by the merciful love of the Father,
you trained your brother priests to show God’s gentleness
and to forgive others in God’s name.

*Enlightened by the presence of God,
your pure heart discovered Him in all kinds of work
and in his suffering members.

*As a spiritual guide, you knew how to calm anguished souls
and taught them how to abandon themselves to God with confidence.
You yourself kept calm in spite of trials.

*As an apostle with a passionate heart,
you suffered because of his name, and until the hour of your death,
you suffered despite and misunderstandings.

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