“It is no longer I who live
It is Christ who lives in me”.

Gal 2, 20

“Enter the dispositions of Mary :
Presence of God
To receive in your heart
her Divine Son.

Join the dispositions of the Holy Child,
Give yourself to the Blessed Virgin”.

Nicolas Roland

“Often enter in spirit the interior life of Jesus,
of the Blessed Virgin
and of so many holy men and women
Who were united with God”…
Nicolas Roland

Mary, help me to share
Your attitude of silence,
Of the presence of God, of humility,
So that I can receive in my heart
Jesus, your Divine Son,
And so that the Holy Spirit will form Jesus in me
And in the heart of all those
To whom you send me.
Jesus, be entirely within me.

 Dear Jesus, living in Mary,
Come and live in me.

In the tenderness of your heart and your humility,
In your compassion,
in your matchless love come and live in us

 Come and live in us, Jesus, Incarnate Word
In your haste to reach the Father,
in your Spirit that you give to us all

Come and live in us, Well-beloved Son of the Father,
Light of light, true God of true God.

Come and live in us, Jesus, Splendour of the Father
Eternal Wisdom, King of Glory.

                                              Dominican Sisters of Langeac

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