Embrace us

«Send me»         Isaïah

«The sacred fire by which you will be aflame
You will help others to be aflame».

Nicolas Roland

Lord, make us burn with your Fire
It will make our brothers and sister
burn likewise.

Jesus, you who have set
my heart afire

Jesus who have set my heart
afire through the Scriptures,
Do not allow the wounds it causes to make me less open,
Turn my feelings to the interior life.
Force my steps to venture forth,
So that the fire of your goodness,
will be acquired by others.
                                                                    Didier Rimaud

« Worthily to bring the Word of God to hearts.
Aim at touching hearts rather than pleasing the mind :
have recourse to prayer ».
Nicolas Roland

 «Burn with a holy desire to save
our brothers and sisters,
and when you encounter any difficulties
do not hesitate to face them.
For this will be a sign that it is from God”
Nicolas Roland

 The zeal of Nicolas Roland for the salvation of all
was his main desire ;
it was with your fire, O Jesus in the bosom of your Church,
that burning fire which devoured him internally
became in a marvellous manner, visible to all…

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